As you know, a number of problems arose in the Turkestan region after the dam broke, five villages in the Maktaaral district were flooded, as a result of the flood more than 31 thousand people were left homeless. The innovative module of Kazakhstani developers solves a number of problems for quick and high-quality housing restoration. The main advantages of the project are low cost and efficiency: the production of building materials is carried out at the construction site, which saves a significant amount of funds in logistics.

The innovative “Mobile module” is a mini plant based on a 20-foot container for the production of building materials and the construction of prefabricated housing. The concept of a modular type mini-factory makes it easy to assemble and transport the module to anywhere in Kazakhstan, install it on a construction site and locally produce a wide range of finished construction products and erect housing in the shortest possible time at prices 20% cheaper than market prices - (house - 80sq.m. per shift).

The project is being implemented within the framework of the grant program of the “Consortium of Inclusive Innovation” by the consortium of the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) and the production company “Ideal System”. The patented production line - a mini-factory, has successfully passed the trial tests and has shown its high efficiency.

Advantages of this technology: mobility and compactness, maximally high productivity and low cost of production, the possibility of using "Mobile modules" - mini plants in cases of natural disasters for the rapid construction of housing and office buildings.

The authors of this project are ready to assist and travel to the region, provide innovative modules for solving issues on the construction of housing and social facilities.